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SoftwareSeni is a Web Development company based in Yogyakarta & Australia. We love solving tough problems from user experience to design and code. We are growing business and build an enterprise web based solution for clients all over the world, from Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Africa and America. Join us and fulfill your potential here.

Come Join Us

If you want to make a difference. If you want to be part of team. If you embody curiosity and kindness. Then join us and accept the challenge to build a company that's bigger than four walls of building.


Relocation Allowance

We provide relocation allowance if you are not from Yogyakarta. The allowance would cover your moving expenses both for you and your family

Twice Salary Raise Every Year

We would review your salary twice every year ini December and June so you can focus on your job and raise your performance ceiling level every day

Twice Profit Sharing Every Year

Along with the review, we would also give a profit sharing every 6 months. The amount of the profit sharing would be related with how well the company fare within the relater semester. The better you perform, the longer you work for SoftwareSeni, the bigger profit share that you get

Health Insurance & Retirement Plan

We commited to pay 80% of your BPJS Kesehatan and 75% of your BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

Career Development & Training

We have a wonderful onboarding process where we help a new team member to get familiar with the way we work. There are training program devised that you get up to speed with the best practice we have here along with a pair partner review

Reasonable Schedule

It's sad that we even need to list this as a benefit. But we don't stretch the team too thin. We only do "crunch times" in very rare occasion. We are encouraging culture where people can have a good work-life balance.

Flexible Schedule

Our schedules are pretty flexible. Need to run an errand in the middle of the day? Totally cool. We have people who put in their eight hours in a single shot. Others who break it up throughout the day.

English Class

We took our pride on our English class. Working in SoftwareSeni means that you would get massive improvement on your English, both spoken and written guarantee!

Parental Leave

12 full paid weeks of maternity leave for new parents. You can extend this period with your leave balance. We pay you 100% full time on this period.


They are available for staff who pass their probation and are performing well.

Lots of Company Events

We have Monday free lunch, everyday bread time, Ice Cream CUp, Office Outing, Friday speech day, Weekly Futsal, Startup Week Challenge, Monthly Movie, etc. We believe that happy, well rested people are the best people to work with.

Transparent Process

A big part of working at SoftwareSeni is being part of community that know how other part of the company works. We actively focus on to provide systems, methods, processes, and best practice in our handbook where everyone would know what others doing, and see how we make decision. These guide are there to help you do your job better--notbe yoke that hold you back from doing great works. As such, break the rules, go off script--and tell us what you learned and what we, as a company, can do to improve.